“I feel so much better after working with Ming Li. She helped me with a long-term digestive problem – after 10 visits or so, I was back to normal. Ming was very clear about my need to change my diet and eating habits in addition to using acupuncture. I highly recommend her services – it made a big difference in my life!

Still feeling good – no problems!”

–Tommy H.

“I began seeing Ming Li for acupuncture treatments in 2001. I had been suffering for several years with daily panic attacks and depression. The most troubling symptom of my panic attacks were heart palpitations. Before finding Ming, I had sought treatment with my primary care physician and a psychiatrist. I had blood work to check for any problems and had tests to rule out a cardiac issue. Over several years I was prescribed various antidepressants, antianxiety, and beta blocker medications to try and control my symptoms. Some of the medications were helpful, but I had lots of side effects and was still experiencing panic attacks. At the beginning of my treatment Ming worked with my psychiatrist to understand my medical history and she has a clear grasp of both western and Chinese medicine. I had never tried acupuncture before. Ming diagnosed the panic attacks and depression as the side effects of spleen deficiency and hormone imbalance, and her treatment focused on these issues. She also developed a prescription for herbs for me. I began feeling an improvement after the first treatment and within about 6 months most of my symptoms were gone. I have continued to see Ming for weekly acupuncture treatments to maintain the balance that she was able to help me achieve. I recently returned to graduate school and in four years successfully completed my PhD degree — something I would not have been able to do if I had still been suffering from the symptoms that Ming addressed. I am so grateful to her for all of her help.”

–J.K. June 5, 2013


donna's letter5-25-13“Dear Ming,

I am so grateful for the END of the constant nerve pain (a big pain in the ass). After 2 acupuncture treatments with the stimulation of the TENS machine, my pain was gone.

It has been over 6 months since my treatments and I am pain free. Sincerely, Donna C.”

–Donna C.

“I first sought acupuncture for a shoulder injury when I became desperate for pain relief and had lost all use of my arm. After many doctor visits, cortisone shots and  physical  therapy, acupuncture helped when nothing else did. I had shoulder tendinitis that resulted in frozen shoulder. The pain was excruciating and I had lost all mobility. The very first acupuncture session I had, 6 months after my injury I  had more improvement then I did from 6 months of PT.  Even my physical therapist admitted my shoulder only got better after I went to acupuncture. I then only did the acupuncture and today my shoulder is 100%. Before this experience I had no reason to explore acupuncture,  little did I know what was ahead.The next big health issue was trying to get pregnant. I was 40 and decided to see a fertility specialist after not conceiving within 6 months. The physician rushed me into IVF because of my age. After reading up on IVF I found out pregnancy rates have been known to increase when IVF is used in conjunction with acupuncture. Here again I was learning more about this acupuncture that kept coming up. Since it worked for my shoulder and I wanted to have a baby so much I was willing to try anything. I found the entire IVF experience very emotional. I was very fortunate to have found Ming Lee. She stuck with me throughout it all. She was there before, during and after all the treatments. If I had questions or concerns she was there. She is very knowledgeable of both western and Chinese medicine. She was able to explain things that I had little understanding of that helped to heal my body with the hope of getting pregnant. Well, I did get pregnant and had a beautiful healthy baby boy. When he was 6 months old I had decided I would go through the process one more time. So I started acupuncture again and four months later 1 month before starting IVF again, I GOT PREGNANT! I have been granted  the best gift ever, to be a mom. Now I have my 2yr old boy and 1yr old girl. I do believe Ming has helped me so much to get where I am now. She is not just a brilliant acupuncturist, she is also a very caring and compassionate person. My pregnancy meant as much to her as it did to me. She gave all she could to me and worked very hard to get me pregnant. Let me say I was not the easiest patient, but she even spent time on my case on her own trying to find the best treatment for me.I am a very fortunate person to have found an acupuncturist like MingLi. I WOULD RECOMMEND her to anyone, and I have. Thank you Ming for my beautiful family.”

–Lori Bjorn McMahon


I have many digestive ailments – Acid Reflux, Ulcers and IBS.  I’ve also had Pancreatitis and Diverticulitis. For years I endured severe stomach pain and diarrhea.  At various times, my gastroenterologist has prescribed Zantac, Prilosec and Nexium.  The last few years, I’ve been on Prevacid. I was referred to Ming by my cousin.  Since I started acupuncture with Ming, my stomach pain and diarrhea are practically non-existent.  It’s like a miracle!

I’ve referred at least 7 people to Ming, including my son and daughters.  I have nothing but praise for Ming and Acupuncture, and anyone having Ming as their acupuncturist should consider themselves fortunate.”

–A Patient

“My name is Mike Martin. I had been suffering with plantar faciatis for over a year. As an avid hiker and outdoorsman, this complication was impacting my life style.  I had been under the care of an orthopedic surgeon.  I had undergone extensive physical therapy numerors coridzone shots. I had made the decision to have surgery, when my primary care physician suggested I try acupuncture.  Two visits to Ming and I was completely cured.  I have recommended numerous members of my family that have been relived of chronic persistent complains. My wife Ann has been helped with menopausal issues.  Ming has even given her accu-facials with amazing results.  As far as I am concerned Ming is a miracle worker.”        

— Mike Martin


“For the past seven (7) years, I had been suffering with uncontrolled asthma.  I was given every known inhaler and commercial drug to try, but unfortunately for me, none of the normal course of treatments helped improve my condition.  In fact, many of the side effects associated with these treatments were simply intolerable.   My quality of life was extremely poor.  As a last resort, my primary doctor suggested that I give acupuncture a try.  My husband found Ming’s Clinic on the Internet, and in June of 2009, I had my first acupuncture treatment.  Ming, however, recognized that I needed more than just acupuncture, given my deteriorating condition, so she prepared special herbal medicines.  Slowly I began to notice a difference.   I went from using my inhaler 3-6 times a day to just once a day.  I am now breathing and sleeping much better and physically I am able to do more activities.   Ming is truly a caring and gifted person and has made a significant and positive impact on my health and life.

Thank you, Ming, you are a blessing!”

— Lorraine Maciel

Ming Li, Lic Ac., M.S. has been working closely with me in acupuncture research at the Martinos Center of Biomedical Imaging of MGH for over 5 years.  Her postgraduate Training in traditional Chinese medicine, experience in acupuncture practice coupled with her college training in medical science enables her to comprehend the goals of the investigation and contribute to the research designs and data interpretations.  The objective of the research is to understand how acupuncture affects different parts of the human brain.  Ming Li’s major responsibility is to administer acupuncture to the test subjects during functional MRI scan.  Her skills in needling techniques and her keen observations on the subjects’ response produce consistent results of deqi with little or no pain, which contributes greatly to the success of the investigation.

Ms Li has also participated in the acupuncture treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with good therapeutic results.  In addition to working independently in the field of her expertise, Ms Li is also a good team worker.  Despite her busy clinic schedule with patients, she tries her best to accommodate to inadvertent changes of the research schedule.  Her participation in our investigation leads to co-authorship of publications on the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in prestigious scientific journals*.  She will be coauthor of other manuscripts that are being prepared on the effects of acupuncture on the human brain as evidenced by brain imaging.

*Napadow V, Liu J, Li M, Kettner N, Ryan A, Kwong KK, Hui KKS, Audette J, Somatosensory cortical plasticity in carpal tunnel syndrome treated by acupuncture. Hum Brain Mapp. 2007, 28(3): 159-71,

Napadow V, Kettner N, Liu J, Li M, Kwong KK, Vangel M, Makris N, Audette J, Hui KK. Hypothalamus and amygdala response to acupuncture stimuli in  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Pain. 2007, 130(3): 254-66″

–Kin sang Hui, M.S., M.D.,Assistant Professor in Radiology, Harvard  Medical School, Assistant in Neuroscience, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

“I had been interested in Acupuncture for quite some time before discovering Ming through recommendations online.  Originally I sought treatment for chronic back pain and headaches that I’ve dealt with for years as a result of a car accident.  I confided in Ming that I had suffered through Endometriosis when I was 28 years old and the resulting scar tissue from the ovarian cysts had left my tubes blocked and as a result in-fertile. Before meeting Ming I had been through 6 IVF cycles, as well as other treatments, over the course of 2+ years at two different well renowned fertility centers.  I was told by a third fertility specialist that the odds of me becoming pregnant through IVF was less than 15% and through natural means the chances were extremely small if at all possible.  Ming took an immediate and sincere interest in my situation and told me she could help. After hitting dead end after dead end and repeated crushing disappointment over the course of nearly 3 years my husband and I were extremely skeptical but at the same very hopeful as we were reluctant of giving up our dream to have a family.  Within 3 months of beginning treatment with Ming we were blessed with an absolute miracle and found out we were pregnant without the use of fertility treatments.  I’m now 32 years old and just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  When all else failed Ming was there to help and the results are indisputable. After years, tens of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments, battles with insurance companies and crushing heartbreak Ming helped my husband and I achieve our dream.  I will always be grateful to Ming and there are not words that can express the happiness and joy we now feel.  Describing Ming as simply a great acupuncturist, which she is, doesn’t do her justice.  She is a wonderful person and I would recommend her services to anyone.  Thank you for everything Ming.”

–Luisa Bettencourt

“Was referred to Ming by a western physician at Mass General, best doctors advice ever received.    She treated me for several episodic symptoms and subsequently treated my spouse for vertigo.  Ming is knowledgeable and thorough, completely committed to her patient’s well being.  She has our strongest endorsement.”


“Ming is a miracle worker! For 2 months, I had insomnia that was unable to be resolved by my doctor, yoga, etc. I was initially skeptical about seeing an acupuncturist but after the first appointment with Ming I was able to go home and sleep for 8 hours straight. Ming also treated my carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand which an occupational therapist and physical therapist couldn’t make better. After suffering for 3 months, I finally went to see Ming and the symptoms immediately decreased and ultimately completely healed after 10 treatments. She also treated my mother for Arthritis so effectively that she now only takes her pain medication occasionally.”


“I have been to a handful of acupuncturists and Ming is by far the most educated, knowledgable, and thorough that I have seen. I went in to see her in an attempt to boost fertility as it was taking longer than I had expected to produce a third child. Ming gave me so much information about my body and how to balance it. I could listen to her words of wisdom all day long! We didn’t initially focus on fertility but actually general body balance and anxiety. She suggested some wonderful herbs and teas to help me along the way. As I became healthier and stronger then we added in the fertility focus. Sure enough I was pregnant after only a month or two of treatment. I  have to note that I am a generally healthy individual. I eat well and exercise. Ming was able to find the imbalances that existed in my body that I otherwise would have not found. She is wonderful! She will be my acupuncturist for life. Thank you Ming.”


“I am so fortunate to have received Ming’s amazing treatments for over 8 years now. I truly can’t imagine my life without her as my acupuncturist!  Other practitioners helped my chronic back pain, but the relief was always temporary until I found Ming. Her holistic approach to wellness, full body balance, and incredible wealth of knowledge about how the body works and how energy must flow for good health have completely changed my life. My back pain has been gone for years and all my ailments are kept in check with maintenance treatments just once every few months. She has also successfully cured me of facial rosacea and digestive “IBS” when well meaning physicians could only offer me treatments for the symptoms, not a permanent cure. Her teas for colds and flu are the best too!  I love you Ming, and I love my sister in law Hannah, for finding you first and sending me to you! Xie xie!”


“It is not easy to find a good Chinese medicine doctor even in Boston. Before I saw Ming, I have seen another Chinese medicine doctor for a few months and stopped because her treatment seemed to reduce my symptom in the beginning but did not really solve the problem after so long treatment. About a month ago, my problem with stomach and tongue even got worse. Dr. Kong recommended Ming to me. Similar to the previous doctor, she used acupuncture. Different from the previous doctor, she used simple combinations of herbs and told me which herbs she used. As a scientist trained in biology for decades, I like to know which herbs I am taking. She is always happy to share what she has learned about Chinese medicine. More importantly, so far, her simple recipe has worked even better than the mysterious combination of herbs that the previous doctor gave to me. Ming is a great Chinese medicine doctor!”