How My Own Family and Friends Benefited from TCM

ming at a herb store in China

To add to the “My Stories” series, I would like to share a few personal experiences and stories to show how my family and friends have actually benefited from Chinese medicine.

The first story is about my father. My father lived in the turbulent period of civil war in China and the two world wars. He had stomach trouble due to lack of food and poor living environment. My father would always feel his stomach ache, but he had no chance to see a doctor, because at that time, only people who experienced serious illness went to a hospital. One day, a rural Chinese herbalist gave my father a prescription, and my father recovered just from that formula. His stomach illness had never recurred before he died. I kept that formula for a while, even gave it to one of my college classmates.

The second story is about my daughter. When she was four years old, she had very severe diarrhea, I worked as a pharmacist at a hospital, and I tried numerous medicine to stop her diarrhea, including several different kinds of antibiotics, and almost every possible method in western medicine, but there is still no effect. Then, luckily, I found a very famous Chinese medicine pediatrician——Gang Zhang. My daughter’s diarrhea stopped with only two packages of the formula. A few years later, my son got the same disease and even more severe. He was dehydrated and couldn’t stand up when he was three years old. And again, the same doctor saved my son’s life. At that time, Dr. Zhang was very old, with the tears around eyes, several students around his table helped him to jot down the prescriptions in the hospital ward. I hold my son and waited outside the ward for almost four hours, and he asked me to get three packages of herbs. I remembered that I asked him for more packages of herbs because I waited for so long, but he was confident and he said it should take about two packages to stop the diarrhea. This memory still deep in my heart.

The third story is about my husband, Mr. Huang, who is allergic of fish. Before the event, he ate fish for many years with no problem. until one day, he ate a McDonald fish burger, he immediately sweat all over and got stomachache with the cramp and diarrhea. He rushed to the restroom and looked so weak. At that time, I was the only doctor there and I used acupuncture as the first aid.  Fortunately, my husband’s syndrome stopped right after a few minutes acupuncture treatment. The second time, something similar happened, and I treated my husband the same way. We still were not sure what caused his allergic reaction until the third time he ate the fish. At the third time, my son was also around, who is a western medicine doctor, he could do nothing but asked me to call 911. I asked my son to give me 10 minutes, if I cannot stop the cramp and the pain, he can call 911 for help. I finished my acupuncture treatment within ten minutes and successfully stoped all symptoms. But of course, this is only an emergency case of my family and I don’t mean to generalize to other cases.  I mentioned it just to share with you that acupuncture can be used in some emergency situation, however, it is not appropriate for people with no experience or confidence. I don’t want this personal experience to mislead people in anyway.

The last story is about my colleague friend, Mr. Xie, who worked at Berverly Hill as an acupuncturist. We both graduated from the department of pharmacy, Beijing Medical University. He had a gastrorrhagia and suffered stomach problem for a long time. He doesn’t want to take the medicine for the rest of his life, so he researched a lot of herbs and seriously checked every herbs side effect, and formed prescription. Finally, he cured himself with the just herb medicine he made for himself. Two years ago, we went to travel together to Turkey and Greek, my husband got diarrhea on the cruise, and I can only ate very simple food in that rich food cafeteria in that boat. I can see Mr. Xie, my colleague really enjoyed food with no problems. I was so curious, and when I came back, he mailed me his prescription.

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