Medical diet might be a way to change immunology and stop seasonal allergy

As a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist with the background of phyto-chemistry, I know it’s very hard to help people who suffered seasonal allergy get rid of this problem. I was always impressed by the power of a Chinese herbal medicine—- astragalus. The Chinese name is “Huang Qi”.


astragalus root

Astragalus Root

Recently, this herb attracted much of my attention from my own practice and from my friend’s experience. My friend’s child has the autoimmune problem.  He asked for my opinion on medical diet. Because it will be used for child, safety is the primary concern. I recommended him to use  astragalus, glossy privet fruit, black bean and Chinese jujube, and cook with a black-bone chicken. All these ingredients are safe and the taste is not terrible. My friend started cooking the dish for his son, but because the child doesn’t want to see all these herbs, especially black chicken meat, he only gave his son the soap, and he ate the solid parts (e.g. beans, meat). Very surprising result showed up several months later, his son grew many healthy and dark hair.


He himself surprised me and his family even more. We are very close friends as his wife and I both love plants and flowers very much.  I know that every spring, he suffers from severe allergies due to flower pollen, especially the dogwood flower. Almost start from later February or early March, through the whole spring, they don’t dare to open their windows.

But miraculous things happened this spring, since he starts taking medical diet this January, he has had no allergy symptoms, such as running nose, tears or sneeze. He used to take antihistamine medicine during the whole spring season. But this spring, no symptoms at all. They can open windows without the help of any antihistamine medicine.

I am always interested in medical diet and think it is very important because it’s part of our daily activity. I know our immune system can be improved. But I’ve never thought that it can be so dramatically changed by medical diet, nor did I know that it can help improve such a common disease like seasonal allergy.

Another example is about my husband, who is disabled due to chemical toxins (strong chemicals affected his immune system). The past few years, I give him simple medical diet different seasons. The main ingredient is astragalus. I do say I have seen his consistent improvement. He can resume swimming since last winter. So this limited experience made me recalled a Chinese idiom  Four ounces yields 1000 catties, which means a small force thing can yield huge benefit. I think that in a lot of cases, immune system works just like this, a little bit of something can trigger and make a huge difference.

Here is the additional information that I found in the PubMed—- a 1991 article by Li XY from Shanghai Institute of Material Medical. They have already made a conclusion about that: “Traditional Chinese medicine always pays close attention to the strengthening of the patient’s general resistance against illness, there are many Chinese herbs used for thousands of years are considered as tonics.” And astragalus in Chinese medicine is the main herb for tonic “Qi”, and much safer than ginseng. Astragalus has almost no big side effect. From phyto-chemistry aspect, astrigulus has the “excellent immunomodulating agents, such as polysaccharides or saponins (Zhao XZ, 1992)”, they can stimulate T lymphocyte proliferation, maybe that’s why they can strengthen body’s immune system. Other herbs carry this like the Chinese ganoderma, poria cocos, etc. all have beneficial and significant results for immune system of human body.



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