Side Effects of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

I am often asked about the side effects of using acupuncture and herbal medicine.  It is an important question as that might be the one holding you back to enjoy the benefit of Chinese medicine.

Using acupuncture and Chinese herbs usually have little side effects.  Both methods have been used safely for centuries by well-trained Chinese practitioners. Even when we use some of over-the-counter popular herbs (like Ginseng, DongGuai, MaHuang, etc.), there are strict guidelines to prescribe these herbs.

Most Chinese herbs have a much lower incidence of side effects than many western drugs. Occasionally, patients might have slight discomfort or nausea after taking the herbs. The discomfort is usually transient. Similar to the allergy to pills and food, some people can be allergic to some herbs.

After acupuncture treatment, occasionally the original symptions will worsen for a couple of days and then get better.  Contrary to misconception the prick of the needle is usually minimal. Many even describe the acupuncture experience to be very relaxing.

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