Electro-acupuncture and pain control

“Dear Ming,

I am so grateful for the END of the constant nerve pain (a big pain in the ass). After 2 acupuncture treatments with the stimulation of the TENS machine, my pain was gone.

It has been over 6 months since my treatments and I am pain free. Sincerely, Donna C.”




electro acupunctureMy client Donna brought my memory back to my first day I met her. It was several years ago, she showed up in my clinic by her friend’s referral. She was bending over her body, obviously, she had severe pain in her back. I thought that she looks pretty young, but her body was curved, which does not match her age. She told me she was a dancer, and she had a lot of injury, especially her back. She had a lot of chronic pain and acute pain. Especially she had middle back nerve pain and pain done to the buttock and leg.


I started treating her with acupuncture and herbal patches, these methods took some effects. But at the meantime, she went to the pain specialist, get cortisone shot, and after that, she suffered more sharp nerve pain, I believe she called doctors and complained. Every time when she came, her whole back stuck a lot of herbal patches. I looked at her severe pain, I thought maybe she needs some special treatment. I started the electro- acupuncture for her, usually I don’t use this so often.


I recalled many years ago, in Mass General “carpal tunnel syndrome” research, we used electrical acupuncture, with pretty good results to relieve the pain. After three times treatment for her with electrical acupuncture, the miracle happened, severe nerve pain was totally gone. Until now, five months later, pain hasn’t come back. She sees me less often, and does not need herbal patches over the body. I used the same machine to treat other patients, like neropathy, and achieved results as well. Patients decreased the use of pain medicine, the sensation of the pain burning changed from moderate to mild. I think I will use electroacupuncture more often for different kinds of pain.



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