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How My Own Family and Friends Benefited from TCM

To add to the “My Stories” series, I would like to share a few personal experiences and stories to show how my family and friends have actually benefited from Chinese medicine. The first story is about my father. My father lived in the turbulent period of civil war in China and the two world wars.Continue Reading

What Changed My Daughter’s View of Chinese Medicine

As part of “My Story” I would like to share a testimonial that my daughter wrote for Dr. Wang Qi. It captures so well the ups and downs, the struggles and joys the journey my family shared while my husband was sick a few years ago. It also shows how my daughter, an American doctorContinue Reading

My Story

This year marks my 15th year of practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Looking back, I have a lot to share from the perspectives of health, family and career.  The experiences in these past fifteen years are an important treasure to me.  I think they may be interesting and valuable to those who are interestedContinue Reading