TCM Basics and How It Treats Baby’s Breech and Infertility in Women

tcm treats infertility in womenTraditional Chinese Medicine is partially known for treating infertility and baby’s breech in women via acupuncture and other treatments. In the following I would like to discuss with you basic concepts about TCM and my personal clinical experience in successfully helping my patients achieve pregnancy and correcting baby’s breech positions.


Basics about Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to TCM, qi and blood is the foundation for a physical being, whereas meridians are channels for connecting different innate organs and transporting qi and blood inside the body. The introduction of acupuncture and Chinese herbs can not only regulate qi and blood circulation and replenish both, but help adjust the secretion of hormones as well.

Specifically speaking, TCM sees herbal medicines as a type of materials that nourish body constitutions; meanwhile, it uses acupuncture to invigorate meridians as well as qi and blood circulation (in the original Chinese texts, this concept reads “中药调体质,针灸活经络”).

Besides, acupuncture plays an important role in regulating the metabolism and balancing hormones inside the body. It does so by stimulating meridians and particular acupuncture points as well as triggering the body to go through a series of sophisticated mechanisms. Acupuncture rebalances the body by triggering neurotransmitters instead of relying on external hormonal injections or other kinds of hormones not naturally produced by the body.

The entire process is effective and barely has any side effect, helping a weak physical body become stronger and achieve balance in qi and blood, and yin and yang. This is what Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to an optimal state of health and well-being. In the original Chinese texts, it writes: “阴平阳秘、精神乃至.”


TCM Helps Women with Infertility and Baby’s Breech

Women’s physical conditions are different men’s.

According to Chinese Medicine, women experience different stages in their lifetime than what men have to go through. That is because women have their own special physical constitutions different from men’s. There are six important stages that a woman would need to experience: menstruation, leucorrhea, pregnancy, delivery, menopause, and post-menopause. Every stage has its own characteristics and areas that need their special attention. TCM, as an observational medicine with a long history on the topic of women’s health, has accumulated rich experience. In China, in every big hospital, TCM Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Department is one of the major departments, from which you can see TCM is playing a very important role in women’s health in the country.

Recently, in the US, more and more people have realized the value and unique contribution of TCM to women’s health, especially in infertility supporting treatment and in improving menopause-related health conditions.

As an example of how TCM can help women suffering from infertility, in the first four months this year, I was able to help three women successfully become pregnant with a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and “medical diet”, also known as “dietary therapy” or “food therapy”.

Among my patients, some came to me after failing in three to six attempts of trying In Vitro Fertilization (IVF); others were simply not ready for IVF, but would like to give Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments a try. After carefully evaluating their conditions including their ages and other factors, I then suggested treatments for about three to six months. Luckily, in the end, they were able to become pregnant with healthy fetus. I feel honored to be able to apply my knowledge and expertise in the process of helping them achieve pregnancy, which is an important reason and motivation for me to continue my work in this area despite a lot of challenges and efforts.

From here, I would like to specifically mention one Chinese medical doctor named Kerong Xie, owner of Seattle Acupuncture and Herb Clinic in NE Seattle. As an acupuncturist and herbalist for more than 17 years, I am amazed that, at her job, she was able to help the patients achieve pregnancy even when they were refused by IVF centers because of their age, high FSH levels, poor reserves of eggs, irregular menstruation cycles and other conditions.

Besides TCM’s contribution in effectively treating women’s infertility, what most women do not realize is that TCM can also help late-stage pregnant women with their baby’s breech positions. Specifically speaking, acupuncture and moxibustion can help correct a baby’s breech position with a successful rate of 70 – 80%.

These simple and invasive traditional Chinese medical techniques are able to help a good number of women avoid cesarean section, commonly known as “c-section”.  To these days, I have been receiving patients referred by obstetrics (OB) doctors to correct baby’s breech. The positive results the patients have received so far have been able to convince both doctors and patients of the value in moxibustion to deal with baby’s breech issues.

As a matter of fact, helping women achieve pregnancy and correcting baby’s breech are not the only two roles that TCM can play. Traditional Chinese Medicine is deep and wide like the ocean. Women’s health is a big topic; and I believe TCM can deal with a wide variety of issues in this area because of its long history and rich clinical experience.


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