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TCM Basics and How It Treats Baby’s Breech and Infertility in Women

Traditional Chinese Medicine is partially known for treating infertility and baby’s breech in women via acupuncture and other treatments. In the following I would like to discuss with you basic concepts about TCM and my personal clinical experience in successfully helping my patients achieve pregnancy and correcting baby’s breech positions.   Basics about Traditional ChineseContinue Reading

TCM and cold/Flu

TCM and cold/Flu It seems the long and cold winter has almost ended, my frozen brain has to follow the nature and start to wake and work more. Last year, before the flu season, I really want to wrote this topic to give people my experience and knowledge to treat  cold and flu in traditionalContinue Reading

External Therapy in TCM for Variable Pain and Inflammation

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), external therapy is an important part of a treatment program and has its own special value. Sometimes, it can achieve amazing results, and it is irreplaceable.  I didn’t have a profound understanding of external therapy until last year when I broke my arm in East Tibet. On the top of the mountain in Jiuzhai valley, I trippedContinue Reading

Electro-acupuncture and pain control

“Dear Ming, I am so grateful for the END of the constant nerve pain (a big pain in the ass). After 2 acupuncture treatments with the stimulation of the TENS machine, my pain was gone. It has been over 6 months since my treatments and I am pain free. Sincerely, Donna C.” –DONNA C.  Continue Reading

Medical diet might be a way to change immunology and stop seasonal allergy

As a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist with the background of phyto-chemistry, I know it’s very hard to help people who suffered seasonal allergy get rid of this problem. I was always impressed by the power of a Chinese herbal medicine—- astragalus. The Chinese name is “Huang Qi”.   Recently, this herb attracted much of myContinue Reading

Chrysanthemum and Wolfberries Tea: Perfect Tea for Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes, either because of long-time use of computer or due to aging and biological change (e.g. post-menopause), I recommend this wolfberries and chrysanthemum tea recipe to you.  It has two simple ingredients and is very easy to make:  How to make it: 15-20g Wolfberries 4-5 pieces of Chrysanthemum (yellow chrysanthemum flowerContinue Reading

Three Berries Juice For Better Blood Circulation

Do you know that the “health secret” of many famous ancient and modern Chinese herbalists is to eat wolfberries (Goji) daily? Another my favoriate herbal drink containing wolfberries (Goji berries) again, is called Three Berries Juice.  It is great for improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol, and strengthening the Qi . It is makes a greatContinue Reading

How My Own Family and Friends Benefited from TCM

To add to the “My Stories” series, I would like to share a few personal experiences and stories to show how my family and friends have actually benefited from Chinese medicine. The first story is about my father. My father lived in the turbulent period of civil war in China and the two world wars.Continue Reading

Effectively Treating Gastrointestinal (GI) Disorder with Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

“I feel so much better after working with Ming Li. She helped me with a long-term digestive problem – after 10 visits or so, I was back to normal. Ming was very clear about my need to change my diet and eating habits in addition to using acupuncture. I highly recommend her services – itContinue Reading

What Changed My Daughter’s View of Chinese Medicine

As part of “My Story” I would like to share a testimonial that my daughter wrote for Dr. Wang Qi. It captures so well the ups and downs, the struggles and joys the journey my family shared while my husband was sick a few years ago. It also shows how my daughter, an American doctorContinue Reading