Chrysanthemum and Wolfberries Tea: Perfect Tea for Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes, either because of long-time use of computer or due to aging and biological change (e.g. post-menopause), I recommend this wolfberries and chrysanthemum tea recipe to you.  It has two simple ingredients and is very easy to make:

 How to make it:

15-20g Wolfberries

How to make Goji tea

Dried Wolfberries aka Goji berries

4-5 pieces of Chrysanthemum (yellow chrysanthemum flower or chrysthemum morifolium ramat)



Bring to boil and enjoy!

Why it works:

Wolfberries: TCM doctor Xichun Zhang appraised “wolfberries can make eyes brighter, clear heat of deficiency type, strong bones, remove the back pain, nourish liver and kidney, and would be beneficial for long time use.”

Chrysanthemum: Shizhen Li, world famous Ming botanist and pharmacologist, author of Compendium of Medical Herbs, appraised “Chrysanthemum is able to stop headache and dizzy, improve eyesight and nourish essential fluid.” In addition, chrysanthemum can also help dispel wind heat pathogens and clearing away heat and toxic materials.

Main benefits:

This tea is especially good for people who spend most of their time in front of a computer, and for women who experience menopause hot flashes and irritable dry eyes. I used it successfully in my clinic, for severe cases, I used it with acupuncture.


For those who prefer having this recipe in Chinese, here it goes:








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